Friday, March 24, 2006

Video Game Overload

Whoah. My son is at his dad's house and I'm winding down by playing nonstop Tetris. (Recently we were kindly loaned an old-school video game thingie that's bringing back some memories for me!) If you've ever played nonstop Tetris, you'll understand what I mean when I say that all the lines of text on this page look like puzzle pieces and I'm imagining which pieces can fit into certain spaces. Ack. The last time something like this happened was one summer in my childhood, after my grandma taught me how to play solitaire and I played for hours every day. I started to see people as "black" (not in an ethnic sense -- more like clubs and spades!) or "red," and imagined which sets of opposites went together. There's gotta be a name for this phenomenon of the mind playing little game-related tricks on one.

But I think I'd be better off going to bed, rather than trying to figure it out. Ow, my head...