Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Wanna Wadish?

Mary from Mary's Owlhaven reminded me of the oh-so-cute way that kids pronounce things when they're first learning how to speak. I loved that stage so much (although we still run into words that my son pronounces rather interestingly). One of my son's favorite books for a while was one that I also loved -- watercolor paintings of produce for every letter of the alphabet. We read that one over and over and we still have it. Some of the pronunciations that my son came up with were so sweet, like "waddylemon" for "watermelon," and "cucubumber" for "cucumber."

The best, though, came when we were on a little mountain vacation with my son's dad. As we shopped in a local store for supplies, the kiddo said "hockey mama" for "jicama." His dad and I laughed for a long time over that one, and couldn't bear to correct him. I'll remember that moment forever.