Saturday, September 24, 2005

I'm a music lover, but come on!

Argh. My condo next-door neighbors' teenage daughter just got a bass guitar. The other night, she was playing around 9:00 p.m. and my son couldn't sleep because her playing sounded like "ghost music" and, despite my reassurances, he was completely freaked out. I wound up calling my neighbor and explaining the ghost music issue, and she told her daughter not to play that late at night.

So today, on a Saturday afternoon, I can hear her playing. Granted, it's not late at night, but I work from home (even on weekends), and although I like my neighbors and want to get along with them, I often hear their karaoke machine and electric keyboard, and the bass guitar is really annoying. I've never said anything to them about the karaoke or keyboard, and I'm sure my son makes our share of noise during the week, but I honestly am starting to hate the bass.

I wonder if it's possible for her to play the bass guitar with headphones or something. Hmm. I hate to get into a bitch thing with the neighbors, but we do have to share a wall, and I sort of think amplified musical instruments are over the line.

How to keep the peace and get some quiet?

(I just tapped gently on the wall -- "shave and haircut, two bits" style -- and the music has stopped for a minute. I hope they don't hate me now (or start back up!). Our condo complex already has its share of conflict, and I've managed to stay out of it (as far as I know) for the two years I've lived here. We shall see. Oh, it's just started again, although a tad quieter. Hrm.)