Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Random Thoughts

Wigs ready to be put away after the "Snow White" musical to which I took my son last weekend.

  • An alarm clock across the way is buzzing endlessly, and the neighbors' window (and mine) is open. I hope they come home soon. Most likely they set it for p.m. when they meant to set it for a.m. Ah, one of the facts of living so near other people. I'm sure they have their complaints about me, however misguided they may be. ;^)

  • I took my son for a checkup today. His dad insisted on coming. Kiddo passed with flying colors, but I had a hard time afterward, as we acted like a family and I was painfully aware that we aren't. I honestly don't know if I'll ever get over that loss. Most of the time I feel like I'll be sad about that forever. I'm trying to stay open to being pleasantly surprised.

  • My son was counting the minutes until his dad would pick him up this evening. He started asking "how much more time" when there were still 360 minutes to go, and didn't stop until Daddy arrived. I'm happy for him now that he gets to play video games and hang out with his dad.

  • After the doctor appointment, I took my son out to lunch and came home to try to work. One client has questions about a completed job; I have invoices to send to another client. Other clients need attention. This is all good. I pray for work and try to be ready for it. Good, good, good.

  • All things in their time. I know this. Work is sorting itself out. The other stuff will likely follow suit.

  • I have a couple of interview requests (yay!), so I'll send questions in the next day or so. :-)

  • My allergies hit me midday and now I'm just waiting for a socially acceptable time to take a Benadryl and go to bed.

  • That alarm clock is still buzzing.