Friday, May 27, 2005

So Scent-sitive...

Like my father, my son seems very sensitive to various smells, particularly those that pertain to me. Of course, he's been known to take issue with his own smells until informed that the smells belong to him; then he deems them either okay or unnoticeable. But I digress.

If I have a cup of coffee anywhere within a 10-foot radius of my son, he wrinkles his nose and demands that I remove the offensive object. God forbid I should cook eggs: "Take that breakfast away, Mommy!" He doesn't like the way his shampoo smells when I bathe him, takes issue with garlic (mmm...garlic) and hates the way I smell in the morning. I never thought my skin smelled terribly offensive (never had any complaints), and he seemed to take comfort in my scent when he was a baby, but all that's changed now that he's four and knows everything.

The other morning I thought I'd get a bit ahead of him and brush my teeth before he had a chance to complain. With a freshly minty mouth, I told him to smell my breath and I exhaled on him a little. "ARGH!" he hollered, as he ran away and buried his head in a chair cushion.

Exasperated, I asked, "What is it now?"

He thought for a minute. "Too minty," he very seriously declared.

I guess some guys are just hard to please. ;^)