Monday, May 30, 2005

Reason to Have Another Grownup in the House: # 572

Looks like this.

There's a big "mosquito hawk" in my bathroom and it clicks when it bumps against the wall and have I mentioned it is BIG? It's big. Meaty, even.

The thing is pretty much clinging to the wall next to the lights and not doing anything, but I'm a little uneasy about the arrangement just the same. I don't think these things are dangerous to humans, but in case I didn't say this already, it's big. As in "not small."

Miniature versions of these have wandered into the house before and found their way out, but this one looks like it's here to stay for a while. I'd hoped it would fly elsewhere in the house while we were out today, but nope. Still there. I think it's taunting me.

This is definitely not a middle-of-the-night project for me. I've been known to escort spiders outside or kill them in impatience. Once I let one live on an unused dresser for a couple of months, as it had obviously set up shop and I didn't have to get near it. (It eventually died, and I was inexplicably saddened for, like, a minute.) I've chased house centidpedes and killed them, but this giant creature in the bathroom is another story.

I'm feeling slightly Annie Hall-ish, but I can't think of anyone who'd willingly come over in the middle of the night to fight the bug.

Luckily I have all night to obsess over this. ;^)