Saturday, March 19, 2005

Practice May Not Make Perfect,
But It Makes Things Easier to Tolerate


The folks who just moved into the apartment out back seem to be good at fixing cars, and regularly have friends (customers?) over to have their cars repaired. Of course, quite often on weekends my garage is blocked and if I want to go somewhere I have to get someone to move the other cars out of my way. Then there's the obvious noise of power tools, engines revving and restarting and things of that ilk. [1]

I think in the past I would've complained about it, but right now I tend to think...why bother? Clearly the other car owners need help, and the guy who lives behind me is providing that help, and I've been in the position of needing help with my car, as well as the position of needing additional income.

So I'm getting a chance to practice patience and compassion...and not waiting until the last minute to get my car out of the garage. ;-)

[1] I love the word "ilk." It sounds so...archaic. Got ilk? Okay, maybe you had to be there... :)