Wednesday, February 23, 2005

My Friend's Cancer Update

On February 11, my dear friend and old college roommate (who now lives about 20 miles from me) emailed me to say she had a brain tumor and that she wanted to stick to email instead of getting a bunch of phone calls. She didn't include a lot of details in her initial email; she just said bad news, brain tumor, meeting with neurologist, stick to email, pray. I emailed her back with prayers and offers of help (babysitting, driving, listening, cooking, whatever), but since that time, I've been sort of in shock and wandering around wondering what was going on. I wanted to honor her request not to call, but I was going nuts not knowing what was happening and not being able to do something. And yes, I know whatever feelings I have/had about the whole thing don't matter. They simply don't matter here.

Today she sent an update and said to feel free to forward it to those we'd asked to pray for her. Although this is the first time I'm posting about her health situation, I'm posting her email in case any readers can spare some prayers or positive thoughts. She's doing much better, and there's still a bit more to do. She's all about information; really, she's Ms. Science, so I know she's got the information she needs and will do everything she's supposed to do. I love her so much and want her to get better so she can enjoy her kids and husband, and so they'll have her for a long time, too.


Dear Everyone,

I wanted to thank you all for your prayers, cards and notes. Your support has been so amazing. I am truly grateful!

I wanted to update everyone.

The doctor feels the surgery was very successful. He removed more than 90% of the tumor. I came home from the hospital on Monday and my pain has been minimal--most of the time I feel fine. Each day my balance, muscle control, and peripheral vision have greatly improved. In fact today the doctor gave me clearance to drive again, and I am no longer limited to picking up no more than 5 pounds--which means I can pick up Alex! (HOORAY! She's about 18 pounds.) Also, I am finished taking anti-inflammatory steroids, and have resumed nursing Alex.

The 6-inch scar on the back of my head is healing well and today all of the staples were removed. (A few small metal plates are permanent!) I've discovered that scarves are a valuable fashion accessory.

As of right now the pathology report still isn't in. Until we get that information I won't know whether I'm in a monitor 4 times each year type of phase or in a more aggressive treatment type of phase. I will update you when I know.

Once again I wanted to thank you for all of your help. Please feel free to forward this note on to those you've asked to pray for me.

All of my love and gratitude!