Friday, March 11, 2005

Those Trying Tomatoes!

Today I took my son to the farmer's market, and for some reason he was all fired up to buy produce. This is a kid who will eat only carrots and makes a face if he has to try one kernel of corn or part of some other vegetable. (He usually refuses.) Anyway, he was running around at the outdoor market, picking up all the produce and smelling it, and he wanted to buy TOMATOES, can we pleeeeeeease buy tomatoes, don't forget to buy TOMATOES, Mom!

We bought our tomatoes, as well as some strawberries and tangerines (he thought they were oranges, and yes, he wanted those and the strawberries, too), bought a small bouquet of pale pink Gerbera daisies (he was thrilled to be able to pick them out, hand them to the vendor and pay for them), and drove home. All the way home, he told me he wanted to try the tomatoes. I said we'd wash them and slice them up and he said he wanted to just take a bite out of one the way it was.

When we got home, I washed a tomato and placed it in his greedy paws. He took a bite...and burst into tears!! He searched around for a place to spit it out and looked so...offended. :-) I let him spit it out in my hand, gave him a drink of milk and he spent the next three minutes walking around, sputtering. Poor thing.

We have a marble jar reward system, so I gave him two marbles for trying new foods (he'd eaten a bit of kettle corn at the market, which he'd never wanted to eat before) and he was happy again.

But man, I wish I'd had a camera in my hand when he bit into that tomato! LOL