Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Spider Revenge

Someone I know once said she worried about spiders avenging her murder of other spiders.

Last night there was a big, black spider on the ceiling over the stairs, so I got a broom (the ceiling is too high for other methods) and killed it. (I wasn't patient enough last night to escort it outside.)

Earlier today I saw a daddy-longlegs in the shower and I left it alone, but when I came home later in the evening the spider had wandered over into the main part of the I killed it. (Again, I wasn't patient enough to escort it outside. I actually do this sometimes, though.)

So...a little while ago I was relaxing on the couch downstairs, covered with an afghan, and I felt a tickle on my arm. Spider. Bleah. I "eeked" and threw the afghan off (I'm so dignified), and now I don't know where the spider is. But when I find it...