Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Noo Shooz

These shoes were made for walkin'.

Living in Southern California means I usually get to indulge my affinity for open-toed shoes...or at least indulge my hatred of socks. I hate socks, and yet I somehow have acquired a huge drawerful of the things. Go figure. Anyway, my six-mile walk a while back convinced me that I needed some appropriate shoes so I can go for more long walks without hating myself afterward. My son also needed shoes, so I had the perfect excuse to go shopping. Of course, he loved every pair I tried on and wanted to go home after about two hours. (I'm sooo not kidding, and that's just the time it took me to decide on a pair—he decided much more quickly!) He was rewarded with a Hotwheels car for his patience. :-)