Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Gimme a Head with Hair!

Today was picture day at school, so I gave the kiddo a bath this morning and ironed a nice shirt for him to wear. I combed his hair right after his bath, and even put a bit of mousse in it to help it stay neat. I didn't want him to wrinkle the fresh shirt, so he wore a different shirt to school. Then I forgot the ironed shirt at home and had to go back and get it. Since I was bringing the kiddo's shirt to school anyway, I stayed for the picture session so I could comb his hair again.

The kids had already had recess, so many of the kids were disheveled and there was no comber present, unlike when I was a kid. Remember when there used to be a woman who handed out new combs and provided a mirror and such? Or was my experience atypical? I saw kids photographed with ridiculously messy hair. I would be annoyed if I were their parents, spending upwards of $30 for crummy photos. If I'd brought extra combs, I would've combed the kids' hair myself. (Mental note: Bring extra combs next year.) Luckily the photography company states on the order envelopes that they guarantee satisfaction, so...hello, retakes!

The kiddo was last in line, and I combed his hair yet again, right before his photo was taken. Immediately after the photo was taken, he stepped off the platform and asked if he was done. I said yes, so he messed his hair up with his fingers, shook his head until it nearly fell off, then knelt and rubbed his head on the carpet...much to the amusement (and laughter) of several adults present.

That's the kiddo for ya. ;^)