Thursday, April 20, 2006

Peering into the 21st Century

Well, I finished some work that was hanging over my head, watched most of the SpongeBob movie with the kiddo per his request (he was dying for me to "snuggle up" with him and watch it and I was feeling so guilty!), and ORDERED GLASSES ONLINE.

$113.90, baby. ;^)

Apparently they can ship in 3-4 days, so that'll be cool, as I'm going to a baby shower next weekend and would love to have the new specs by then. I must admit I'm a bit suspicious of how easy the ordering process was. If it all works out well, I'll definitely be writing a testimonial. Seriously, it was incredibly easy, although I had to call my OD to verify my prescription (the copy I had was a fax copy); also, I was unsure of decimal points, etc. Also-also, I called the optical center I ordered from last year (I'd ordered, then returned them) to get my pupillary distance measurement (distance between pupils), since I didn't think I could do this well in the mirror and they did it with a machine...and I doubt the distance between my pupils has changed much since last year (if it ever changes, which I doubt for the most part).

So...after wearing my baby-broken, soldered, taped, scratched, bent glasses for way too long now, I should be looking at some shiny new ones next week.

Can it really be this easy????