Monday, September 12, 2005

I Swear I Do Not Know Where He Learned This

Recently I filled out a couple of applications to foster dogs for rescue organizations. So this week we're dogsitting for my sister's dog, a cheerful, easygoing little Danish-Swedish Farmdog, and my son has been chasing the dog around and around the second floor, despite my threats and cajoling.

Finally I told him, "Look, when the dog wants to hide from you, LET HIM. Don't scare him out of his safe place. He just wants to take a break from you. Besides, if you can't be nice to this dog, we won't be able to be a foster family for dogs. The lady from the dog rescue is going to come over in a couple of weeks and see if you're nice to dogs or not, and if you're not nice, she's going to say we can't take care of any dogs. So be nice."

"Well," he said after a moment of thought, "we can just trick the lady."