Thursday, September 15, 2005


Last night we took my sister's dog (we have him for a week) to the dog park, where we've taken him many times before. Woody is a good-natured little guy, about 20 pounds or so, and can run like the wind. At home, he mostly lies around or tries to get away from the scorpion Beanie Baby that my son has decided is his and must "sting" the doggie. [Thanks, Stacia! :-) We've named him "Scorp" because we're just that original.]

Anyway, after our walk, we went straight to the pizza place to pick up a birthday pizza, since yesterday was my birthday and I was definitely not cooking. I mean, we made a cake together. Isn't that enough? ;^) I think I'd just gotten really accustomed to the dog's good behavior -- he doesn't touch our food or the trash -- so I didn't think much about leaving him alone with the pizza when the kiddo and I hit the grocery store for some milk afterward. When we came back out to the car, the doggie had opened the side of the pizza box (hidden in the back seat) and was in a pizza trance, gobbling pepperoni and cheese off two slices he'd pulled onto the floor.

And yes, as we monitored the dog for post-pizza incidents (thankfully there were none) we ate some of the remaining pizza that the dog hadn't touched, as it was still in the box and seemed fine. But I will never again trust a dog with a pizza. I've learned my lesson.

Now the kiddo is chasing the dog nonstop with a pair of plastic pliers. If I had balls (which the dog indeed does), I guess I wouldn't like that, either. ;^)

Note for anyone concerned about the dog's balls: My son isn't actually after the dog's balls. Going by the sounds he makes, I have reason to believe he is using the plastic pliers as a laser gun or something. Besides, the dog is much faster than my son and has never been caught. In fact, he just runs under my desk and falls asleep. need to worry. :-)