Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Some Messes I Like

Today I got a call from a client who needed two documents edited pronto. Since the bathroom is about four feet from my computer, I plopped my young'un in the tub (he loves to play in there forever) when it came time to work on the second file. As I worked I mumbled to myself, as I'm prone to do.

"Hmm (mumble-mumble)...looks like this file is sort of messy (mumble-mumble)...but that's a good thing, since it means I'm in demand (mumble-mumble)..."

My son overheard me, climbed out of the tub and asked, "What's messy, Mommy?"

"Oh, the files I'm working on are sort of messy, hon. It's a good thing they're a little messy, because my job is to clean them up," I told the naked and dripping child.

He pondered this for a moment, then said, "But I thought you didn't like messes."