Friday, December 10, 2004

May I Go Back to Bed Now?

Diggin' the angles.
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Funny (not) how my mood can crash a bit after a phone call regarding money I owe. I'm building my business, but it's still in the semi-fledgling stages and I'm not rolling in dough yet. Of course, I have a significant amount owed me by a large company for which I've done two projects. I called my contact there, and she assured me she will handle the matter today. However, her tone said she was swamped and distracted, and I'm not completely convinced she'll follow through.

There may come a day when I need to hire a collection service.


The heater guys are coming back tomorrow to finish the job they started on Monday. I hopehopehope they find the faulty part and solve the problem. If they don't, I may start charging them rent.


My son is waiting downstairs for me to drag — I mean TAKE — him to the grocery store. It's pretty quiet down there, though, and I wouldn't be surprised if he's fallen asleep. That might be the best thing, actually. I can take him with me to the store after he's had a refreshing nap. That'll definitely make for a more pleasant trip.