Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Expect the Worst and Hope for the Best
(I Always Forget the Second Part)

You guys have GREAT ideas about how to heal chapped skin! I feel like I want to buy all those products and slather the kiddo in them all at once. That would certainly do the trick, wouldn't it? ;^) Thank you so much for all your hugely useful suggestions!

On a different subject, today I saw our custodian and I said, "Hey, yesterday I tried to offer B. sympathy on his mother's passing and I'm afraid I came off as a real douche." (She's the only one at work with whom I can talk this way! Not sure if that's a good thing!) She said that her husband hadn't thought so at all; he'd thought it was nice that I spent time talking with him about his mom at all. I'm still going to touch base with him tomorrow when he comes in, because I am That Way. He's a military guy, and I think a lot of people just assume he's got everything handled. Not that the pastoral staff would avoid comforting him; I think it has more to do with his own expectations, so he's occasionally touched when people treat him with tenderness.

On yet another different subject, I'm grateful for the really nice Blue Shield rep I spoke with today when I called to pay my bill. I couldn't find the number I usually call, so I called the corporate office. Then I had a little identity theft wacko moment and didn't want to give my Social Security number to the guy. (I didn't have my bill handy.) I kind of expected him to be a little impatient with me, but he was cheerful and sweet about it, especially when I made him at least tell me my street name to assure me he was really looking at my records and not just waiting to steal my credit card number. Gee, overly cautious much? Ho-ho, I jest! But not really. It's been one of those days. ;^)