Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Journey to the Center

First United Methodist Church, San Diego, CA, Nov. 2009.

"Is it a maze?" he asked.

"Well, no," I replied. "A labyrinth isn't a maze because a labyrinth doesn't try to trick you."


"A maze takes you to dead ends as you search for the way out. A labyrinth is a path that turns in directions you're not expecting, but leads you to the place you know you need to go: the center. The purpose of walking a labyrinth is to get your mind to slow down as your feet slow down. You have to trust it."


"Some people like to think about God as they walk the labyrinth because the walk is a lot like following God. You may go in directions you don't expect, but if you follow and trust, when you look back, you see there were no tricks. Just a steady path."

"Yeah. Okay, Mom. Is it okay if I turn on my game again?"