Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Why I Don't Post as Much as I'd Like

After we came home from work today, the kiddo commandeered my computer to watch Bakugan videos on YouTube. Finally it was bedtime, and I sighed with relief; I could reclaim my computer, check Facebook, surf blogs...

Then the kiddo patted the mattress. "Mo-om," he called. "I have an invitation for you! You get to lie down next to me and watch me play my DS for a few minutes."

My mom had four kids, and although I know she sat on my bed from time to time, I seem to remember it never being long enough. As a mom, I now know she was probably dying to put her feet up and watch *Mary Tyler Moore* but when I was a kid, no matter how much of herself she gave us, I wanted more of her.

"Mom!" the kiddo called again. "You have an invitation and and it has hearts on it!"

I pried myself out of my desk chair. Facebook could wait.